Recall Issued: The Blue Pill

22 thoughts on “Recall Issued: The Blue Pill”

  1. Some of us know all about the “blue and red” pills. We watch the people move away from us. Too much reality for them. No sugar coating. Some of us are not here to take a ride, but to share the ride. Sharing the ride makes it a bit easier, especially when we are in the same type of boat. Personally, I read because of the beauty of your words strung together. It helps me on my journey. If they are blue coated or red, they will still come from the soul and are equally as beautiful.
    I have often wondered why you never strayed from the blue pill side. I could never be that strong. If you want to share with us the red pill side you may find that some will leave. They want only to be told of the blue pill. Most of us will stick. Your words are beautiful to read, they are also putting our feelings into words and because over time, the rest of us have fallen in love with you. All of you. We love you on your bad days and on our bad days. We love you on our good days and on your good days. Those weeks where time seems to stand stand because it’s all bad news or the nurses treat you like “why are you even taking up this bed” day. Those days with the first snow or the most beautiful sunrise, the journey is never alone.
    Writing on a bad day for you can help as much as reading you on one of our bad days. Make sense?
    To be loved means to be able to share everything and anything.
    All my love, Aunt Joan 🌹🌹🌹

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    1. You know, you just added some much needed perspective.

      “I have often wondered why you never strayed from the blue pill side. I could never be that strong.”

      Someone said something similar to me yesterday. I guess we sometimes forget to realize that others see us differently than we see ourselves.


      1. I knew if I slept on it I would lose motivation to try so after staring for 3 hours I just kept rereading the work while looking for bits that had been woven in and not tied off, making notes of them and then ticking them off as I tied them later.

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  2. I decided to reread this one. I wanted to add that the red pill allows us to show our love while at the same time yelling very loud to release the energy. To cry for an hour to four from the deepest parts of us. I want to throw cups and plates. Kick the people who say it’s all going to be all right. We are allowed to feel. Whether we are the ill one or the caregiver. Each is equally difficult and sad. I am tired of pretending that all is well. I want to kick. I want to through the blue pills away and tell the entire truth to everyone but I know that’s not not the right things either. People tell me how strong and organized I am. I am only doing what needs to be done. Nothing more. Now it’s all on my shoulders. I carry him and the house. I make all the decisions. A bit different after 45 years. Doable? Yes. Enjoyable? No. Worth screaming about? Yes. I miss what my husband once was. The red pill allows me to yell and cry. 🌹

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