The mark upon the Hawthorn branch Points silently to the Oak Which alone stands within The very heart of the grove Carved upon the tree Sometime ages and ages hence Yet still visible but only for those Whose trained eyes know where to look For they know Who really is "Friend of my soul" ⁂


Her life had once seemed the epitome of perfection for this shining White Lady before the walls of her ivory tower were first penetrated and then slowly demolished over the course of some amount of time. She had been unceremoniously unseated her from her throne, held as prisoner, and then exiled. Now she wandered past... Continue Reading →

⁂ Asterism ⁂

Past, the star that dimmest shone, Still lit the sky with light so clear And bore its way deep through my soul Still lighting paths my life to steer ⁂ Present, the star that's flickered most, Teaching me of love and pain Grows still Wisdom's silvery threads In my heart, my hair, my brain ⁂... Continue Reading →


His brow furrowed when he saw the penmanship. He could usually tell exactly how she was by her hand. This note was wasn't her normal everyday perfection. There was an urgency and something else he couldn't pinpoint. It intrigued him.⁂ Sammi Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt Ergo... Use the word furrowed and write a piece in... Continue Reading →


She saw his silhouette through the window. It had been an age and a half, maybe two, since they'd seen each other and yet she knew him the instant she saw his profile. He was exactly as he had always been, exactly as she remembered. Even if it had been a lifetime, she still would... Continue Reading →

Recall Issued: The Blue Pill

I realize I have been absent of late and my excuse has been that I've had difficulty finding words, something I intend to remedy this year beginning today. I am still a full time patient recovering from a great many medical obstacles and it isn't always easy to find the energy to write. That isn't... Continue Reading →

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