Creative Constipation

The words! -they are eluding me

Traveling to places I can’t see

It’s maddening to know they’re near

Singing songs I cannot hear

The delicate flavors go to waste

With gourmet things I cannot taste

My body senses -oh! so much

And yet their words I cannot touch

While wafting on the breeze I smell

The aromas of this wordless hell

Creative constipations are the dues

When coping with an absent muse.

10 thoughts on “Creative Constipation

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  1. well hell do tell
    ok sorry now
    but i went to the store
    and what is more
    jr let me have
    you re sick
    he said
    you must change
    i told him to worry about you
    he s a shouter
    i m a cryer.
    be well Gwen!

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  2. Horrid not to be able to hear the songs you want,
    Better than a Trombone soloist playing jarring modern music for two hours.
    Sad not to taste your favorite foods,
    Better than tasting only the foods you truly dislike.
    Sad when those clouds are so dark and not moving,
    Somewhere a rainbow with flamingos flying high.
    Always in my heart and thoughts,
    Loving Aunt Joan 🌹🌹


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