The kindling has been gathered

The tinder has been too

There’s stacks of well cut firewood

I’m just waiting to go through

For season upon season

I’ve dreamt of this one fire

And building up the flames and coals

Of an inextinguishable pyre

At times I have forgotten how

To hope for winter’s cold

And reasons for to strike that match

To let my faith take hold

So we may burn to ashes

The remnants of lives past

The scars, the brokenness, and hurts

In love that’s unsurpassed

The tinder has been stacked and sorted

The kindling and wood have too

For the long awaited night when

The starlight will break through

5 thoughts on “Kindling

  1. Before time goes by too quickly,
    May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    I am grateful for your friendship and for knowing
    You so long. All my love to you. All my faith towards you.
    The your loving Aunt Joan 🌹🌹

    Liked by 1 person

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