A Quiet Place ~ Gratitude

What is a place you could sit happily for hours regardless of the season?

Inside or outside, any season of the year or your life, where can you always go to feel the peace flow?

A coffee shop is mine. Lattes and tea served piping hot while I sit cross-legged or with my legs stretched out in front of me in some ridiculously comfortable chair? Yes, please. Coffee shops have always been there for me even when others let me down. Starbucks was there in every breakup, in every broken heart, for every journal entry. Local roasters have been there in every new home and for every new adventure. Big chains offer the constant comfort of always knowing exactly what you’re getting. Tiny house coffee shops offer the consistency of a passionate roaster who has taken the time to learn more than just the recipe but to learn the craft.

There is someplace you love to go, even if you don’t go there often enough, that once you get there you always get that feeling of being home.

At the end of the day, don’t forget to share your gratitude with others, whether you choose to come back and comment here, to write your thoughts in a journal, to send your feelings to a friend or loved one, or to create change in your world to pursue fulfillment and contentment, think back on the prompt and build in yourself gratitude for the blessings that have been showered upon you!

Come back tomorrow for more gratitude mindfulness.

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