Words For the Road ~ Gratitude

3 thoughts on “Words For the Road ~ Gratitude”

  1. As you spoke of Dr. Seuss, I smiled. He brings me sunshine and I adore reading him out loud. “ Oh, the Places You”ll go” is only one. “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” is another. I have never read one that doesn’t bring a smile to my soul and face. It’s not just the words, it’s the rhythm. They have to be read out loud.
    The other books I have decided to keep over the years are the letters between Vincent Van Gough and his brother, Theo. A rareness in any family. Theo supported him his entire life. Never felt taken advantage of. They loved one another. Even after death, which was soon after, Theo’s wife had him buried next to his brother. Now weird but true. There is an ivy growing over the two sites holding them together. The ivy stops at the edge. Looks like a comfy bed. This is the way people should treat one another. Lots of love and caring. 🌹

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