Wounded ~ Reblog

My friend, Kim, from I Tripped Over A Stone hit the nail on the head with what it is to be wounded and have to come back from emotional wounds and trauma.

This is an honest, raw, and beautiful little piece to glimpse what this is. I am delighted she has her amazing husband’s loving support to help her on the journey.

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  1. Now, to both of you marvelous women and to many more men and women out there, this is my side of the story. My husband is very ill. He is almost completely house bound. He tries to cook most all dinners for us, abet small sometimes. I work 1-2 days a week and have a mother I like to see at least once a week. She’s healthy but 94. I am now and have been considered a caregiver for my husband for over 2 years. Why do I do it. His soul is the same as it was 20-45 years ago. I still love him and he still loves me. I married him for better or for worse. In sickness and in health. Those were vows to live by, I don’t need to be thanked or given little gifts. He does that once in awhile. I quit trying to tell him to change. We made it through the anger and sadness and weepyness of his disease. (We realized it was a grieving process) We are at peace and will take what we are given, day by day. It hasn’t been easy. It’s a fight daily to stay on an even keel. Would I change it out for a healthy person? No! This is the person I love. I don’t help because I must, I help because I want too. Don’t forget that, please.🌹🌹

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