Natural Beauty ~ Gratitude

Today be mindful of the simple beauty you see in something natural you encounter outside.

So often we spend our time so focused on all the things we are doing or should be doing that we forget to open our eyes to really look around us at the beauty that surrounds us daily.

Seriously: when was the last time you stopped and smelled the roses?

Is there a lone, defiant flower pushing its way up between slabs of concrete on the sidewalk?

Is there a tree in the midst of changing colors that has red on the top, orange and gold in the middle, and green at the bottom?

Has the path carved by a stream left a lovely line along the hillside or is there a charming bend to an old tree?

As you walk here and there today, don’t just see and focus on your destination and the task at hand, notice the beautiful happening all around you that is completely uninfluenced by politics, troubles, adulting, and all the cares of our hectic lives.

I don’t mean just looking at the beauty that is always there that we tend to always see and look past, like the clear blue sky or a sunset. I mean looking to the smallest detail of a beautiful thing like noting the charming way a branch bobs up and down in the rainstorm as water cascades down each twig and leaf, the rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds during a storm or past branches or buildings at sunset, the colors and texture of stones in a stream or along a rock garden, the way the sun reflects off rock faces at sunrise, or the delicate, iridescent beauty of the wings on a cicada next to the deep, swirling emerald green of its body as it calls out to the world for a mate.

Bonus points for each additional beautiful detail you notice.

At the end of the day, don’t forget to share whether you choose to come back and comment here, to write your thoughts in a journal, to send your feelings to a friend or loved one, or to create change in your world to pursue fulfillment and contentment, think back on the prompt and build in yourself gratitude for the blessings that have been showered upon you!

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