Unexpected Smiles ~ Gratitude

Today be mindful of your smile.

Children have the most remarkable ability to tell when adults are full of malarkey with the smiles on their faces. We note when other adults may seem strained or false, but we have become experts at hiding our truth behind well-practiced smiles.

Our upper lips pull up and the corners of our mouths and eyes may seem to engage, but our eyes are dead and unhappy.

While adults don’t seem to notice when a smile belies unhappiness, children and pets always do.

Be mindful of when and how you use that fake smile you’ve rehearsed a thousand times, and try to catch yourself really smiling that smile that makes you feel like your heart is aglow.

I don’t mean the smile from a humorous stand up routine or funny remark that gets you sighing for a few, I mean the smile that comes spreads across your face without you even realizing it that leaves everyone wondering what has got you so happy.
Bonus points if it happens when you’re alone, as opposed to simply being caused by some outside force.

Double bonus points for seeing that smile spread to someone else.

At the end of the day, don’t forget to share whether you choose to come back and comment here, to write your thoughts in a journal, to send your feelings to a friend or loved one, or to create change in your world to pursue fulfillment and contentment, think back on the prompt and build in yourself gratitude for the blessings that have been showered upon you!

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Smiles ~ Gratitude

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  1. I know that smile, the warm and genuine one you get when you see someone has themselves been made to smile by something you’ve said.
    (That was a subtle hint c/o The Sledgehammer and Nut Co.)

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