Still Waiting

6 thoughts on “Still Waiting”

    1. You know, I really have! I didn’t even realize I did but I did.

      …Of course it really helps having someone checking my pace and keeping me grounded along the way, no striving to understand or push me toward some treatment or another, listening when I need it and saying nothing about it when I don’t, putting the little things as a priority with me over the big things, and only problem solving with me when I need it while having the confidence that I have got this, letting me own the choices. It’s much easier that way. I think I’d have run myself out by now without that.

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      1. Yes…you did. “YOU” did.

        And it did help having that someone. So happy you did.

        Never forget that no one can take a step for you…or the next. They can encourage and assist. But you did it. You truly did that. And only you can truly do it again. And again.

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