Life’s Library

A hurricane swept through

Life’s Library

Disguised as a librarian

In a hooded cloak

Scattering hither and thither

Each exquisite hand-bound

Work of art and eloquence

Until the floor was strewn

And littered with pages

Golden edges glistening

In sunshine and moonlight

Until dust coated and obscured them

Leather bound covers

Laying as a thousand stepping stones

With linen threads dangling

And tangling eventually with spiders webs

Each fragmented work of words

Leaving The Library’s heart in tatters

As pages swirled like leaves

Each a testament to the broken promise

Of protection and love

The false librarian made

Gathering in drifts of ruination

As roof asunder and broken beams

Allowed every element

To add to the destruction

While shattered stained glass shards

Lining what window-frames remained

Shine the only happy hues of hope

Over the terrible scene of wreckage

With as much if not more counted as lost

As Alexandria’s once noble hall

In tribulation The Library fell

Into ever increasing disarray as time

The changing seasons

And storms without number

Battered the ruins

While The Library despaired

That anyone might ever come

To repair the damage

Until it seemed impossible

That the stacks might ever be made right

And beauty return to that hallowed place

But then

One day

A quiet soul happened upon

The library he once knew

And drawn by chance or fate

He entered through the hole left

By once majestic doors

Tiptoeing almost silently

Through chamber after chamber

Of the massacred Library

Until he reached the heart

The innermost chamber

Where he silently set to serve

Picking up the pages

Dusting off the dirt

Reuniting covers with

Each newly discovered work

Books that once existed

Now may be no more

But new works came together

From the trash upon the floors

Shelf by shelf

And row by row

Bright Fame

Works days and nights

Ceaseless and unrecognized

Putting things to rights

The beams, the rafters, and the roof

Repaired against all gales

The shelves are standing once again

Polished, reinforced, dovetailed

Set to last a thousand years

With rainbows of happy scenes

As kintsukuroi’d stained glass

Paints perfected, happy dreams

Much work has been accomplished

And much is yet to do

But, oh! the Famed One will never cease

Until the job is through

He then intends to take a home

Within The Library’s halls

To leisure and live happily

Safe behind the walls

Inspired by “Paper Love” written by Brandewulf in August and the commentary that happened afterward. What if, I wondered, Alexandria could be restored or is total destruction really finality?

“You lie on the floor
Of your life’s library
Littered with broken promises;
Waiting for someone”

Plus now there’s someone in the library quietly picking up the pages, reuniting the books, and reshelving things where they ought to be.

5 thoughts on “Life’s Library

  1. Thank you for mentioning I might have any part inspiring such an amazing piece of art. The layers in this one are mesmerizing. Your words are masterful. This is so beautiful, Gwen.

    Liked by 2 people

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