Waiting in Silence

I wait in silent solitude
With a busy wandering mind
While Deep Thought does the processing
Of all that’s been outlined
I wait what seems like 7 million years
And another half to boot
For Deep Thought to realize
What things in life are moot
The Ultimate Question of Everything,
Of Life, and the Universe
Is what I asked oh Deep Thought
And why I write this verse
The answer is not 42
Anymore than it is 3
But something so much deeper
Than just what you can see
The Ultimate Question that we ask
Is what fulfills our soul
And what will leave us happiest
Making us feel whole
It’s not enough, however,
To know just what that is
You must make a choice to chase it
And to change the way you live
To take a job that sucks away
Your joy and your repose
Or take a more fulfilling role
That leaves your heart aglow
To let relationships wither
With those whom you hold dear
Or build a bridge to reach out to them
And let them know you’re there
To find the spark within your heart
For someone once beloved
Or let them go find someone new
And new happiness thereof
To pursue that lifelong dream
Or the one who got away
To speak the words you’ve left unsaid
To reach for, not just pray
But only you can speak the truth
Of whether you’re fulfilled
And if your soul overflows with bliss
And with blessings it’s instilled
So I lay awake and wonder
When Deep Thought will begin
To speak the truth hidden away
And choose to live again

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