Perspective is Everything

In all my time recovering, I have found myself taking time to read articles that I would normally scroll past and recently, I read one that challenged me in an unexpected way. It was called, "What I Learned from a Broken Ankle," and featured a stock photo of a man on arm crutches with one... Continue Reading →

murus aheneus esto

Be thou a wall of brass That the fierce storms of this world May beat upon your stature Blowing torrents of rain With freezing winds and gales And yet never have the power To impact the peace you hold Within Murus aheneus esto


A cool and breezy Autumn in gold and crimson Leaves, draped with fragrant boughs of Fir, spruce, and heather sheaves, is The scape of my dreams

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday greeted me With midday sun and shine As I awoke to autumn's chill And peaceful hope all mine With weighty thoughts and weary mind Last night I went to bed The same strangling feelings which For weeks have roved inside my head Bit by bit I've unwound the ties And cut the ties... Continue Reading →

Life’s Library

A hurricane swept through Life's Library Disguised as a librarian In a hooded cloak Scattering hither and thither Each exquisite hand-bound Work of art and eloquence Until the floor was strewn And littered with pages Golden edges glistening In sunshine and moonlight Until dust coated and obscured them Leather bound covers Laying as a thousand... Continue Reading →

Find What Sings

Have you ever heard a song come on the radio that you once loved but that you listened to so much years before that even the first few notes of the melody are enough to grate your nerves? I think we all have. What about hearing an artist that you used to love, once long... Continue Reading →

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