Fated ~ Really Bad Poetry

Star crossed and
Hopelessly in love
The lovers
Long separated by
Cruel fate yet
Guided by design or chance
They saw one another
Across the room
And knew in an instant
They belonged together

He began to run toward her
She toward him
Like two freight trains
One having left Cleveland
At 6:36 PM traveling at 55 mph
And the other from Topeka
At 4:19 PM at a speed of 35 mph
Crashing into one another
Somewhere between
Cleveland and Topeka
But probably closer to

9 thoughts on “Fated ~ Really Bad Poetry

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    1. For some reason you got flagged as spam…

      That Sir Norman Fosdick-Chewlightly and Barrington Higgenbottom PI fiddling with your computer and blog again?! Tell Sir Norman to get his busy government fingers out of the cyberworld of the Project, will you?

      Exactly… But who can look away when there’s a train wreck? No one, that’s who! It’s like we are all preprogrammed to gape in disgust and amazement at it.


      1. There’s a GCHQ base (think NSA but more secret) is just up the road from here. Could be them. Or I was actually spamming you. 😉


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