Love Is ~ Really Bad Poetry

Falling in love Is like Losing someone you know In one of those really big superstores Like Costco or Ikea Where you're running around Looking down every aisle At every sample station When in reality They're probably Right behind you the whole time Or on the other side of the store Doing the exact same... Continue Reading →

Eye Catching ~ Really Bad Poetry

She was lovely And just like those Pointy hook latches That used to hang on Screen doors When we were young Those hooks That would fly up when The door was banged open again She was perfect and Perfectly eye catching  

Lame ~ Really Bad Poetry

He wanted so badly To get her attention But he was as lame As a duck But not the metaphorical kind Of lame duck No But an actually duck That was lame Like You know Maybe from Stepping on a land mine Or something

Stiff ~ RBP & Classics

She looked at him And she knew he was A stiff And as a stiff she knew He was as stiff as A functionary presiding over an interview, previous to an execution (1) The corpse of a hanged man (2) A side of coarse leather (3) A marble statue (4) Oak leaves after a frost... Continue Reading →

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