I lay awake

And think of you

As I lay down to sleep

Your smile, your eyes,

The graze of your hand

Your words that touch so deep

The heavy silence,

Sweet and strong,

The way you wove me around

With wit and charm

My heart and soul

To you were gently bound

I didn’t see

I couldn’t know

How expertly you wove

Until you were

Too far from me

And from how’ere I strove

So now I lay me

Down to sleep with

Your words inside my head

I’ll meet you in

Our dreamland

And speak what’s been unsaid

Someone said something to me the other day about soulmates, that sometimes we don’t end up marrying them even though we all want to be with that one person who we feel that deep connection to. Then today I found this quote:

I think it is safe to say we all have that one who got away that somehow we wonder about no matter how much time has passed.

Sometimes we are able to let them go but sometimes we can’t.

Maybe we know them still, maybe we don’t, but we feel that deep connection to them, that thing that is missing from every other relationship ever that said, “Oh there you are!” from the moment we met them, that always knows without knowing where and how they are, that feels them from a world away, and that secretly wonders,

“What if…”

Well of course that got me thinking and we all know when I start thinking things happen.

10 thoughts on “Unsaid

  1. Thank you for speaking of soulmates. Sometimes you hide them. Sometimes they peak out around the corners. Sometimes you actually see them. They are a part of many people’s lives. I have always been glad of mine. I have kept him hidden, as he has me. It has no place in my life as it is now. It is an added dimension and helps create a very rich life. I have very rarely found people who understood about him. They don’t have to. He is. 🌹

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