Dobby Has Come: Service Dogs

15 thoughts on “Dobby Has Come: Service Dogs”

  1. Now if only all those people get to read even a piece of this.
    So glad you have Dobby. Not only is she an amazing working dog, but I adore her name. It fits her and you. I’m so glad she keeps you safe. The dickens with the idiots out there. Keep pushing those walls back. In our small steps we all push the walls back, the world slowly, so slowly, will change. Don’t ever give up hope on the good people out there. We are somewhat hidden, but we are there. 🌹

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      1. I hope so too. Fake service dogs are an epidemic here; everyone bringing their dogs into grocery stores and the dogs out of control or fighting. It is very upsetting and so unfair to the people who truly need and have service dogs.

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      2. I flat out asked someone yesterday if they would pretend to be black. The look of shock and disgust was enough but they sputtered a “no” before I asked why they thought it was okay to pretend to be disabled.

        They out of selfishness make the world less accessible for those who need it and they don’t see it as wrong because they feel entitled!

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  2. You know, I can understand that sort of behavior if it was 15 years ago. There is NO reason people should not know how to behave around service animals. It is a refusal to notice and think.

    It still amazes me the tribulations you face that should never be part of your day.

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    1. It amazes me that I explain it once to children and they become the owners and advocates of this knowledge but I have to repeat myself to adults ad nauseam.

      I’d like to not feel like I’m always having to educate people, but until something changes in our society someone has to speak up. I guess I’m one that has to.

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    2. 15 years ago and further back your animal wore a vest that said “do not talk or touch me, I am working. I am a service dog.” I am glad that they don’t have to wear them, but it was crystal clear. The problem now is you know that a lot of them that go into the stores with a family may not be anything more than a pet. A mesh vest would solve the problem. 🌹

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      1. Wearing a vest doesn’t change how people respond actually. No matter what we put on them and what the vest says they still respond the same: question legitimacy or try to talk to the dog.

        The other thing is that the vests are so readily available and so many companies market in such a way to get people to buy vests and pay for a “certification registration” thinking that makes them legal and makes bringing Pet Fido everywhere legal.


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