Do you see
Really see
Everything I am?

I yearn to be seen
For my true self
The me I see
When I look in the mirror
Not the things I make you feel
Not what you get from being
With me and around me
And not just for
My outer shell.

Do you see my insecurity
And want to change it?

Do you see my fears
And want to quiet them?

Do you see my tender heart
And yearn to protect it?

Do you see me and desire
To have me as a trophy,
A possession,
Something to show off
When you want to
And lock up when you don’t?

Or do you want to
Let me loose on the world
Enjoying my spirited dance
Until I want to hide away?

Do you want to hide away with me
Seeing the deepest parts
By sun and by candlelight?

Do you really

“She accepts your compliments on her face, her hair, and her body graciously—and she is, indeed, beautiful. But she is only moved when you notice the beauty of her spirit.”

~ Allaisia Hanan

A little girl asked this week what made her beautiful. Someone told her she had beautiful hair and a beautiful face and she smiled. I told her about the blossoming of her heart and confidence, about the compassion she shows others, about her humility and humor, and about seeing her grow as a young woman into someone who knew who she was… and she blushed every shade of red.

11 thoughts on “Beautiful

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  1. I’ll watch you fly with the wind and pick you up when you fall. I’ll hold you tight when you want to hide or need to cry. You are a precious flower with kick. A rare flower. Don’t let anyone box you up and put a bow on you. And yes, I’ll cry or fly with you. 🌺🌹

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      1. Thank you. I say it was about that girl at the bottom but I know it’s as much about me as anyone else.

        Don’t we all just want to be seen for what we are inside?


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