To The Man Who Called Me Cripple

41 thoughts on “To The Man Who Called Me Cripple”

  1. I always love your first thoughts (anger) and then pity for the “zero” people who have lost so much of their hearts and souls because of something else. The ones who have no manners and probably not much of a family that cares. Pity is what they need, but first the police! 👮🏻‍♀️🌹

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      1. I’m sure! But you showed bravery in other ways even if you didn’t think so. You called for help, it could have gone even worse, like you having had froze and not have known what to do. You should be proud of how you dealt with such a nasty situation. It’s truly despicable how some people try to put people down having no idea that what others have to go through is already enough.

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      2. Crap I just noticed I hit sent by accident before typing full comment.

        I was intending to say that it is natural for you to feel the way you did. A complete asshat he was. I can only imagine how unpleasant it was for you.

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  2. Well said. Many years ago I used to chauffeur a friend of mine who was quadriplegic when he wanted to go somewhere, like the museum, or to a store for something he had his eye on. This opened my eyes and from that point on I understand the needs of those who use those spaces. It ticks me off when someone is using them because they are lazy. Hat’s off to you, my friend.

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      1. That’s the bad part. From what you said about him, he may not have needed the placard. Either he needed it at one time and is ok now, but abuses that one time privilege or he has it in the car for someone else who is truly handicapped in some way. That again is abuse of privilege. Such a high moral standings either which way. Way too low even to think about spitting on. He only deserves pity. You did well. 🌹🌹Always love you, Aunt Joan

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      2. In Texas, if you bring your DD214 to the DMV they will give you a disabled veteran plate regardless of whether you are disabled. It’s a shame because it creates problems for truly disabled people who need those parking privileges that are being used by those who have no need and it creates an entitlement mindset in many that they are above all others, above reproach, and they deserve to be treated differently and live by a different set of rules.

        It’s all gonna be in my book!


    1. I did give his license plate, vehicle description, and physical description to the police. Plus there are cameras all over that parking lot if he showed up again and and caused trouble around there when I’m around.

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  3. Only a woman filled with His Spirit and love could have responded the way you did. It’s feeling those things, those emotions and anger and NOT responding to it the way you could have. Denying yourself the satisfaction to speak back to him the way he spoke to you and just doing what was in your right to do. You are not invisible, you are not crippled…just like you said, it’s him that was crippled in the heart.

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    1. Thank you. I was amazed it happened and what he said. I felt so weak and vulnerable… And then I wrote about it and felt strong again. I really do pity him now… in that moment though, there was no pity, only fear.


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