Shocking Revelations ~ Really Bad Poetry

To know her marriage was over I mean, really over, Was distressing But knowing it had disintegrated Because of infidelity Came hard and fast at her And smacked her With betrayal And a rude shock Like the kind of shock you feel When you find your Favorite formerly surcharge free ATM Suddenly has A surcharge

Divine Completeness

In the perfect movement Of time and of place And the perfect execution Of patience and faith I meditate in harmony And have joy each day As I see the harvest Coming my way And the fruits of finality That therein lay

Easy ~ Really Bad Poetry

I knew I wanted him The moment we met And making him love me was Easy As easy as taking candy From a diabetic man Who no longer wishes To eat candy Cause he is fat And diabetic With bad foot problems Yeah It was that kind of Easy love

Her Laugh ~ Really Bad Poetry

She smiled at me As I wove my words Into something Marginally clever And just then She threw her head back Exposing her long neck And laughed It was unlike any laugh I'd ever heard before It was raw Erotic Deep and throaty Genuine Like that sound a dog makes Right before it throws up... Continue Reading →

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