I knew you from the first

“Ah, there you are,

“I’ve been looking everywhere!”

That inexplicable connection

And recognition without knowing

I’ve always been aware of

And felt the waves upon your shores

Belonging with you

I feel your pulse inside my veins

The small voice of calm in any storm

Your words silence the hurricanes

Yet I live with uneasiness

For never quite having enough of you

You see what I never can

Perceive what I mistake

Polishing me slowly on the whetstones

Finer and finer grits until

I shine like a mirror

With strength and a dangerous edge

That is too sharp for any

But the most experienced warrior

I yield to your hands

I read an article called “Marriage, Belonging and Unfulfilled Love” by Lizzie Barnor about soulmates and the idea that you can have a soulmate that you don’t end up with, whose presence in your life fills your soul, but who you’d be infinitely happier with than the person you chose whether they’re abusive and horrible or they’re rich and give you everything you could possibly need in life.

It got me thinking.

Thinking always gets me writing.

20 thoughts on “Unfathomable

      • I’m sure there are a lot of words that most people like or even love. I had “that” English teacher to whom the words such as nice, charming and so forth, were so overused that they had such little meaning left that it made them meaningless overall. I have many words that I can’t or won’t use because of that fine man.
        If you like my word, and it was used as that prince was extremely charming! Than except it with all me heart. 🌹🌹

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