“Jupiter” ~ The Sound of My Day

22 thoughts on ““Jupiter” ~ The Sound of My Day”

  1. Thank you…brought tears to my eyes for two reasons:

    1. The magic of the music
    2. My later father was a musician and conductor. I remember, as a young boy, watching him and what he did to “make music”.

    Thank you for reminding me.

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  2. Brought me back to my orchestra and band days, not as good and much younger in life, but as exciting. I had forgotten that feeling of the music. Thank you. Wish you could still play, abet no pain. Lovely. 🌹

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    1. I play recreationally when the feeling strikes me now. Violin though rather than viola because it is lighter and pinches the nerve less. Although, both violins, the guitar, and ukulele are in Colorado not Texas at the moment.


  3. This was my most favorite song we played in high school. I could never remember what the song was called but I would play it over and over again from memory for years to come. Definitely crying 😭 I had a sudden visual of my sheet music when the overture started and I hummed along

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