When first your eyes

Were laid upon my soft flesh

I was naught more than

A young caterpillar, fresh

And soft, tender, untouched

Eagerly Exploring each

Sweet leaf and twig

Within my reach


When next we met

A lifetime on

I told you what

I knew was gone


Alone I shook

Inside the shell

Where life transforms

And feelings swell

Free from all hope

Oppressed inside

I was convinced

My love had died

The chrysalis

That transforming bed

Instead became a coffin

Inside my head


In a proverbial desert

You sit far off

Yet my lonely ramblings

And thoughts you quaff


Knowing what

I never seem to know

Seeing where

I’d Change and grow

You saw my wings

I don’t know why

But you said I was

A butterfly

Gossamer velvet of a peach

Delicate poetry

To be spelled out in

The fluttered journey


The metamorphosis

Removed my fetters

So I could fly

On winds and letters

To heights of hope,

Of joy and love,

Fulfilling vows

Sent from above

Made possible by

Your words of life

Satiating my appetite

And soothing my strife

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