B&W Photography: #7

I was tagged by Kim, a fellow chronic illness warrior, from I Tripped Over A Stone to complete the seven day black and white photo challenge and I have made it to day seven! When I started this challenge, I decided that my best bet to staying on track was going to be not writing regular blog posts in the meantime and finding beauty in the surroundings rather than writing about the truth and beauty of brokenness. That in and of itself has been a challenge! Words are my main artistic medium. The end. The rules for this challenge were quite simple and I don’t think even I managed to muck it up once… Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanations. Challenge someone new each day.

Day #7:

I challenge another poet because poetry paints the pictures and I want to see the other poets’ inspirations in their world and where their words bubble from: The Lonely Author.

6 thoughts on “B&W Photography: #7

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  1. Dancing Flamingos- I’ll miss your photos. Don’t stop your writing, but continue with you’re black and white photos, please.🌹

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