B&W Photography: #4

I was tagged by Kim, a fellow fly on a web, from I Tripped Over A Stone to complete the seven day black and white photo challenge ~ I thought at first I’d fail but I’m kind of getting into it and almost feel like continuing after the challenge is over but then I think, “Slow your roll, Kit, its only been 4 days!” (Yes. I talk to myself like that. Sometimes out loud too.)

The rules are as straightforward today as they were 3 days ago:

Seven days.

Seven black and white photos of your life.

No people.

No explanations.

Challenge someone new each day.

Day #4:

I challenge a writer who writes once a week. She’s at week 197 and I’m totally powering backwards through a bunch of weeks, as I sometimes do when I realize I haven’t seen someone in my Reader for a while (1st world WordPress problems), trying not to wet myself. Weekly hilarity for 197 weeks straight without breaking the habit?! That’s some consistency right there! I would love to see what she could do in one week of just black and white photos and what story that would tell: My Dang Blog.

One thought on “B&W Photography: #4

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  1. Beautiful pic, Kit! You have quote an eye. You should continue with the black and whites, they are so interesting! Use your own B&W pics for your blog, like ‘the set’ pic option for your post heading. Oh! There is this thing called Canva.com. FREE, join and you can take your pictures and add graphics (words, etc.) to your pics! Plus lots of other stuff. I’ve only used the App. I’m going to get serious now and use the big girl site at ‘.com’ !!! Hahaha. <3<3 ~a fellow fly… 😉


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