B&W Photography: #1

I was tagged by Kim, a fellow chronic illness warrior, from I Tripped Over A Stone to complete the seven day black and white photo challenge! She’s brilliant and insightful, uncommonly kind, and a friend who someday I will actually get to meet in person. The rules are straightforward:

Seven days.

Seven black and white photos of your life.

No people.

No explanations.

Challenge someone new each day.

Day #1:

I challenge a blogger, a poet, I who writes more than anyone I know, who is very kind and incredibly insightful, and who sees the world and people from a perspective that is uncommonly deep… so I’m interested in how he physically sees his everyday world: John at Utahan.

11 thoughts on “B&W Photography: #1

Add yours

  1. Someday I will actually get to meet both of you in person.

    P.S. Don’t challenge me, I won’t be around next week. I’m going to Serbia for 3 long months, so it’ll take time to get some internet package. Keep in touch….

    I can’t wait for John’s answer to the challenge.

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  2. Beautiful picture! I’m so happy you accepted the challenge! You are so very kind, I am looking forward to our cup of coffee and a chat about things we both see at the same time. For now, I get to see your surroundings through your eyes, dear Kit. 💜💜💜

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