Devoted Glue

14 thoughts on “Devoted Glue”

  1. I think you know, Kit. When it comes time to put ‘someone first’ and take care of the other, the mutual respect and love between two adults is lost. It becomes a parent-child relationship. ‘Duty’ be damned, who wants to sleep with their caretaker (parent)??? With illness, yes, we count on our spouse or partner to be there for us, and they do us, but they can’t be our whole world. Not any one person can… Outside resources must be implemented, care then, can be a healthy choice and not a ‘duty,’ hopefully pulling a couple together and forming a healthy bond of caregiving, not caretaking. But what do I know? I’m just another fly… ❤

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    1. Yes!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 It’s not possible to be expected to be the adult in a relationship and still have an adult relationship with the other person. There is a huge difference in someone being the person that fills the gaps one cannot and being the person that carries it all. The way the caregiver role is approached by medicine and by patients is that it is a duty to be and do all with the judgment that if one cannot or does not one has no love or compassion or empathy. It’s fallacy, but it is the agenda that is pushed.

      Oh, Kim! Someday we will have that cup of coffee and meet face to face and it will be like we have known each other forever.

      ~ Kit

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  2. sounds like me and tom
    he says i m a fraud
    for being stressed
    out by his behavior
    i say son
    the difference
    between you and i is
    i worked for thirty
    it was a literal living hell
    he chooses
    to be
    a non performer
    so to speak
    an excellent post!

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    1. Bojana~ There is so much! So much has happened and so much is bubbling to the surface. One of these days we should set aside a time to enjoy a cup of tea from here and there simultaneously and we can catch up.

      I am… I am, I am, and I am. I am choosing both, and I’m choosing to try to change the world with my story because a fucked up view of duty needs to be changed.


      I still owe you a poem about an apple tree…

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      1. Yes, you do. And I’m slowly catching up. My reader either didn’t see you or you posted when I was asleep.
        You have my email, whenever you’re ready, whenever you feel like talking, you know that. Take some time for yourself. Take care. Hugs.

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