Dear Readers: Unicorn Update

Being a full-time professional patient isn’t an easy job, let me assure you. Running back and forth between clinics, appointments after appointments after appointments, knowing all the doctors and nurses and techs on a first name and questionable joke basis… It is exhausting and it has been my life for over a year now. While I may live at the hospital (which I really do) it doesn’t mean that my health has so rapidly improved as hoped. No, I’m still a unicorn and as such I take my sweet time doing everything.

Unicorns are divas, after all.

That’s why they didn’t manage to make it onto the Ark.

Anyway, I’ve been met with some difficult challenges in recent weeks and I’ve found it difficult to maintain forward momentum with my health and with that which I’ve poured myself into here simultaneously.

My body has energy enough to focus on one thing right now and that means I need to make more of a concerted effort to focus on my physical and emotional health.

I know those who have been reading the longest are the most familiar with my story and the reason I’m here blogging at all: to tell the story of a woman who has been broken but is no less beautiful for it. Part of the brokenness and part of being put back together must at times also include time of giving the self enough grace to say that I can’t do and be all.

I may be a badass, but I’m not invincible and recent events have illustrated to me exactly how fragile I am at the moment.

I’m not closing down the blog or abandoning it, but I will not be writing as often. There are plenty of posts to review if you miss my voice that much and I’m still reachable via the Contact page.

Many blessings!

22 thoughts on “Dear Readers: Unicorn Update

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  1. You definitely are a beautiful unicorn, Gwen. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to realize that we need to take time out from some things and concentrate on our own wellbeing. I hope your health improves soon. Blessings to you!

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  2. Take care of yourself Gwen… Hope you’ll still be reading regularly even when not writing, I can’t afford to lose half my readership or their eloquent comments, bwahhh…. 😉

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