B&W Photography: #2

I was tagged by Kim, a fellow chronic illness warrior, from I Tripped Over A Stone to complete the seven day black and white photo challenge! She's brilliant and insightful, uncommonly kind, and a friend who someday I will actually get to meet in person. The rules are straightforward: Seven days. Seven black and white photos … Continue reading B&W Photography: #2

Devoted Glue

I am a strong advocate for veteran issues and veteran health. I have been involved in volunteering in support of those actively serving and those retired, in support of veteran issues, and in support of veteran organizations for more than 13 years. Because this is PTS(D) awareness month, it's something that is currently all over … Continue reading Devoted Glue

Hinds Feet in High Places

When you've endured Unending trauma Illness And heartache With silent strength And a steady heart, When you've learned To let others choose Their own path While Walking your own, Though the path seems Impassable, Impossible, Faith takes hold And hinds feet Will carry you To high places

It doesn’t matter

It doesn't matter Who let you down Or how It doesn't matter What things look like Or what has gone wrong It doesn't matter How weak you feel Or how unsure Faith is stronger Hope is a foundation And each step Is ordered