Really Bad Advice

14 thoughts on “Really Bad Advice”

  1. Thank you for enlightening those if us who have no idea what it’s like or what to say. Most of us have not been exposed to what you go through, and i would agree that most people are only trying to help. We don’t realize the effect it has… Hugs & Love dear Gwen. ☺❤

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  2. I see a inherent stability and balance problem with a sword leg. I have a similar problem with my walking stick, when tempted to use it as a ‘beating about the head of ignorant person’ device. If I try to use it for beating, I’m not using it as a walking stick. So I fall over. Completely ruins the badass. 😉

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    1. I definitely want to stab some people right now so perhaps you are correct in your assessment of the sword leg proposal.

      It could help when picking up litter at the beach, though.


    1. Oh. Yes. Very disturbing amputee porn. Apparently there is this idea that I will find it appealing because I am an amputee. There are other amputees on Instagram that post pictures of themselves with their stumps fully exposed, sometimes in lingerie or a bathing suit, and the comments that devotees make are as if they were showing off all their other bits completely too. I cannot fathom it. I cannot fathom showing off my Stimpy to the world unexposed any more than I could imagine myself posing nude. It’s just not for me.

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