Walk Two Moons

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  1. Able to listen? Only you can answer that, however I am full of love and care for you. I am able to understand a hard life, not yours, but mine. My path is nowhere near where yours is, mine runs on the other side of the mountain. Pain is as different as the person. You can’t understand or feel mine, nor I yours. My only hope is that by staying in contact with you, you know love is close by. You know if you wanted to, you can reach out, or not. Either which way, I am and always will be Aunt Joan.🌹

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    1. Joanie ~

      I fear it is not those who need this message who will read it and it is always the compassionate who will wonder if they are the not compassionate.

      I know you have pain too and I count you as walking two moons. You understand chronic illness. Others on here have become more than just readers and empaths, as I think most of the readers here are empathic, because they reach out and listen, they ask, they choose to act either in their personal life or with me.

      I have been bombarded by the know it all sympathetic to the degree that if I didn’t write it I was going to snap and snap harshly. This person has even gone so far as to mock the glint in my eye that clearly says, “you don’t know shit!” I’m so over this person’s arrogance and I know that the degree to which they have irritated me is such that if I didn’t write it out, I’d let it out, and the upset from that would be toxic for this body of mine.

      I know you’re here and always will be. Love you too, compassionate Auntie of mine!

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      1. I have nothing more to say. Tell your mother that you made me speechless. She will laugh. She also dearly cares, but sometimes the “mother” comes out to much. I know she knows how to listen and be compassionate. Oops. All my feelings. I have seen this myself. I throw it in the air and leave it. May you find what you need. 🌹

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  2. Maybe we don’t know, but you surely help us understand and feel what you’re going through.
    Our loved ones can feel our pain, however hard it is for us to even grasp the idea. When I was in pain, my sister and mom used to have severe stomachaches daily.

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    1. It’s because you’re the compassionate ones and the listeners that you’re able to feel and understand. You’re the ones that don’t assume you get it before the story is told but listen to the story and feel it with me. You don’t stand above wagging your head saying, “No, Gwen, I DO understand! Don’t look at me like you think I don’t know, oh I KNOW!” Instead you stand alongside holding up my arms when I can no longer hold them up myself as you hear the stories and walk with me.

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      1. It was a compliment; I just edited the end of this piece because I don’t want people who do read and care to not think I see their compassion because the people that keep coming back I think ARE the ones who are listening.

        You’re freaking fabulouso! You always make me laugh and cry. I admire your incredible intention with your writing process and wish I could be more like you. And you are a sticker removing badass extraordinaire!

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      2. Don’t wish to be like me. I’m a hot mess. And a kickass, and a badass. I’m into messes and asses this morning.
        Enough with compliments already. I can’t take it. That should be enough for the whole month, or two.
        P.S. Nb would think that, no worries. The ones who keep coming back, listen and understand.

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      1. I do too. You’re gonna LOVE his brain. He’s witty, lucid, and flirtations, in a good sense.
        I too am not that concise. Let’s say we have so much to say that our posts have to be long. When he read my last post, he said he loved it, but added it was so long and exhausting he had to make a couple of breaks to have a drink and get some rest. But, quote: ‘I survived.’

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      2. Lol. You sound like him already.

        P.S. His main flaw is that he is a terrible formalist in its worst. So, don’t forget to say hi and bye when commenting EACH AND EVERY TIME unless you want to be scolded like Wulf and moi.

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  3. Just the sheer emotion of wanting to be left alone, but be helped, not pitied, but understood! Longing for ‘someone’ to have answers, but knowing those that do don’t get it and certainly do NOT have the right answers… two moons? Although that sounds lovely – 10 minutes flat in your world would make a grown man cry! (I have already cried at the thought of losing my friend, Kit!) I don’t know how we get there? I don’t know how to teach those in my world how to ‘get it.’ I wouldn’t presume to teach them about your world. Ah. Where do we go from here? Very thought provoking, REAl post.

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    1. I wanted the emotion to be there but not angry. I wanted people to understand that they don’t understand and that’s okay as long as there is compassion but to pretend they do is insulting and ignorant.

      I don’t know how we get there either.

      Ha! 10 minutes would flatten the biggest, toughest, most resilient men I’ve met, the military guys who were literally tortured in SERE training… flatten them. Not that I could remotely begin to do their job either, but this is not a body ache and headache that you ever get over. This is death and the body knows it.

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  4. Good morning dear Gwen and thanks for this great article. Yes, we understand that you might be bored, and sometimes offended too, by the cheap expressions of pity and/or solidarity from your friends or acquaintances. You must also understand that it is very hard to say something comforting without offending someone. Oftentimes the best way to proceed is to grab the suffering person’s hand and look at her in the eyes in silence. As you say, it’s a way of saying: “I am here for you. Just letting you know.” Oh, boy, this reading was tough and I had to make three, not two stops, like I did with Bojana’s. So, this is how you found me? And those salacious commentaries about innocent moi? Yummy? How scary! Ladies, we love as you are, so disgorge whatever you have inside that’s gnawing at your spirits.. Remember that, as a practicing physician for almost forty years, I have listened to thousands of woman’s tales. Oh, dear!
    Luckily i became a monk of Medicine and I don’t have to listen to those stories at night…Know what? When you started putting your commentaries in my articles last night ( and my phone started pinging like crazy) I had just started watching “Red Sparrow” with Jennifer Lawrence. I looked at the phone. I looked at her delicious body in a daring nude scene. I looked at the phone again. Sorry, Gwen. Tomorrow.
    Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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    1. Good evening! You always say things so eloquently and with a lyrical tone but with so few words; yes, yes, Bojana and I write trills from a bubbling fountain of words ever flowing! “Oftentimes the best way to proceed is to grab the suffering person’s hand and look at her in the eyes in silence.” Yes! The heart can speak through the eyes and the intent and love will be seen and felt without ever speaking a single syllable!


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  5. Good morning dear Gwen. Again I misjudged you as I thought that you were going to take offense at my spicy commentary. It happened with Bojana too; you’re simply way, way ahead of my silly doubting. Well, since you like my mellifluous wording, I will start to follow you to “torture your mind”, Ah… I luv it! By the way, did you watch the series “Money Heist” ( “La casa de papel” in Spanish) in Netflix already? If you didn’t please do, as you’re going to enjoy the bad boys, and also the bad girls, that prowl in that screen. How about starting a contest with Bojana? Who will end up reading and commenting my novel first?
    Am I BAD or what? I’ll start following you,dear. Un baccione. Arrivederci!


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