Reblog: When I Was Diagnosed By My Own Dr. Shaun Murphy

Okay, to be fair this piece is already on here under the title The Last Dodo, but I’m pretty excited to say that it has also been picked up by The Mighty, for which I am a contributing author. While much of what I write for them has been added to new projects that are slated for a launch sometime in the near future (huzzah for being ahead of the curve instead of behind it for a change), this piece hit the staff with something interesting:

A disease they’d never heard of that no one else was writing about ~

Livedoid vasculopathy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t mind being the rare patient. I’m quite used to it at this point, in fact, but even I’m a bit surprised to know that in all the wild and rare chronic conditions being addressed by the writers at The Mighty I’m the first with this one.

So here is “The Last Dodo” as edited and published elsewhere:

How I Was Diagnosed By My Own Shaun Murphy

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    1. I wondered if you were okay. I think of you every time I open my bedroom door because the flamingo is hanging on the outside of my room instead of a name tag.

      Love you, Aunt Joan! Happy Mother’s Day!! 😘


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