Really Bad Advice

In the last year, I have come across some really ignorant assumptions and really bad advice given by able-bodied people about my life and existence as an amputee. Whenever this stuff starts, I try to inject some reason but usually the person deigning to share their wisdom is too obtuse to understand and stop. My... Continue Reading →

Warning Label

I was told I should come With a Warning label "Don't look Into my eyes For too long! You'll be Sucked in Forever!" Too bad Fair warning Didn't do anything To help Poor Jerry Or Mark Or James Their sunken ships, A few Among many, Skeletons of Failed attempts To make landfall, Still lie just... Continue Reading →

The Sound of My Day: “Unstoppable”

Words go here, generally, and they're usually really beautiful and meaningful words too! But not this song and not today. Today the only words beyond acknowledging that I'm not writing more than this pittance are the lyrics that hit me hard in my tender soul because (I don't care what you say) this song was... Continue Reading →

Day 366

Last week, someone I know hit a milestone on their blog, something that normally makes bloggers take notice and take time to reflect on that milestone in writing: First 100, 500, or 1,000... Posts Likes Followers Even the platform here on WordPress will give a notification that looks like an award when these little events... Continue Reading →

Reblog: 10 Reasons Being Disabled Kicks Ass

After being frustrated and disenfranchised with the constant negativity inside the chronic illness and injury writing on The Mighty, I decided to take a differs approach and thus was born my top 10 reasons why being disabled really does kick ass. Enjoy and share thoughts if you so desire!

Imperfect Bookends

Imperfect bookends Both suited to one another And completely contradictory Sit upon my bookshelf Exemplifying the duality Of the yin and yang One dark and unwilling To find happiness and peace In its twisted existence The other bright and unwilling To live without them Both are victims of the same Catastrophic fall from grace When... Continue Reading →

Walk Two Moons

To say that I've got a full rucksack right now would be an understatement of the most epic proportions. Just looking at the medical concerns that plague my day to day life is more than enough to exhaust and baffle even the most interested outside party. Despite the fact that I'm a storyteller by nature... Continue Reading →

Everything Lives

Beauty grows in the Void where forgiveness and love Are planted like seeds   Senryu A reflection on what forgiveness does to the soul.

Nothing Lives

Nothing lives in the Void where once grew perfect love The soil is barren Senryu A reflection upon what bitterness does to the soul.

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