Really Bad Advice

In the last year, I have come across some really ignorant assumptions and really bad advice given by able-bodied people about my life and existence as an amputee. Whenever this stuff starts, I try to inject some reason but usually the person deigning to share their wisdom is too obtuse to understand and stop. My … Continue reading Really Bad Advice

Warning Label

I was told I should come With a Warning label . “Don’t look Into my eyes For too long! You’ll be Sucked in Forever!” . Too bad Fair warning Didn’t do anything To help Poor Jerry Or Mark Or James Their sunken ships, A few Among many, Skeletons of Failed attempts To make landfall, Still … Continue reading Warning Label

Day 366

Last week, someone I know hit a milestone on their blog, something that normally makes bloggers take notice and take time to reflect on that milestone in writing: First 100, 500, or 1,000… Posts Likes Followers Even the platform here on WordPress will give a notification that looks like an award when these little events … Continue reading Day 366