Fiercely Held Fast

Fiercely held fast between and

Beyond the beats of your heart

Am I in my fragile state

Yet here held in tender safety

Vulnerabilities are nil

And weakness no longer exists

As your strength floods my soul

Bringing life and spring and sunshine

Until my heart beats like the tiny wings

Of a glistening, cheerful hummingbird

And I feel the gentle stroke of the koi’s tail

Swimming circles in my depths

Every word brings the deluge that

Washes away my cares and my worry

Leaving nothing to dull my senses

Or my spirit as it flies

Ever arching upward

Leaving the tethers of the world behind

To soar into the crisp air

And dance on rays of golden sunshine

For I know that I am

Fiercely held fast between and

Beyond the beats of your heart

So I am resolved to

Fiercely hold fast to you


Many thanks to Brandewulf for the use of his beautiful words (linked) that helped bring water from a dry well, and many thanks to the One who is my Muse.

8 thoughts on “Fiercely Held Fast

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  1. Oh my, such visual and deep feeling string of words. To hold one and to tether one to others as a way as to keep going in life. To grab on to what one can and soar with the birds and dance with the elves. Thanks for sharing t8s with us.
    Love, Aunt Joan 🌹

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  2. Gwen, this is absolutely beautiful. You took what inspiration I gave and made it explode with new life and a beauty that is all your own.

    Hold fast that Muse, Gwen…it serves you and your soul well.

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