Vacant Silence

Moonlight at midnight

Quietly chirping crickets

Palmetto leaves rustling

All filling the vacancy

Left by the waiting

2 thoughts on “Vacant Silence

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  1. Besides the fact that we have no palmetto leaves where I live and the crickets don’t chirp until fall around here. The view from the top of your haiku is wonderful. Moon light for the restless. Midnight and wide awake. Mind going a buzz. Too much to do, too much to think about. Time to calm down. Take a deep breath and notice the brilliance of the moon. Notice the tune and time of the crickets song. Let them lull you to sleep. Ramble……..
    I’m hoping your body is doing well. I know you are strong of body, heart and mind. All my prays and hopes and wishes that all is well. Always in my heart, always loved, Aunt Joan 🌹


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