A Quote Challenge: Day 3

I was nominated for a meaningful quote challenge that I think I have delivered on quite well these last 2 days. When I am dead and gone, I am certain my epitaph will be a testimony to the life I lived where my faith followed me through each challenge that I faced. Wulf knows that... Continue Reading →

Bugle’s Call

There's a certain quiet comfort In the daily bugle calls Not romantic, not nostalgic, Yet it's ringing through the halls. It's the quiet reassurance That the wolves are held at bay And the knowledge that our safety Is ensured another day There's a rhythm that's established In the promise of "all clear" At dawn, at... Continue Reading →

A Quote Challenge: Day 2

I was nominated by my great friend Brandewulf from Brandewijn Words for a challenge and we know that I love a challenge. I think my epitaph will say something about "she was sure she could" and then some humorous tale of my untimely demise where every unlikely event managed to take place (thank you Murphy,... Continue Reading →

A Quote Challenge: Day 1

I was nominated by my great friend Brandewulf from Brandewijn Words for a challenge and, as we have previously established, I am not one to back down from any challenge ever. I am convinced my epitaph will reveal it was either my greatest strength or my downfall that I never have backed down. By that... Continue Reading →

Fiercely Held Fast

Fiercely held fast between and Beyond the beats of your heart Am I in my fragile state Yet here held in tender safety Vulnerabilities are nil And weakness no longer exists As your strength floods my soul Bringing life and spring and sunshine Until my heart beats like the tiny wings Of a glistening, cheerful... Continue Reading →

This is Me 2.0

"This is Me 2.0" contains most of the text from the original piece called "This is Me" but with the developments of the 7 months of the interim included.

Listening to the Canary in the Coal Mine

Alright. I apparently have grown a massive pair of testicles because I'm gonna talk about something nobody ever wants to talk about, especially women, but that is a huge issue with many diseases including antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS) ~ the blood disease that almost took my life and did take my leg but that did... Continue Reading →

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