She’s Back…

19 thoughts on “She’s Back…”

  1. Ah, there you are Kit! I’m glad you have transitioned. We stayed at the Fisher House in Texas on the Brooke Army Medical Bse while my brother was hospitalized (Army). It was a nice community of families and support. In fact, Denzel Washington toured The Fisher House at BAMC and asked how much would it cost to build another? Then he wrote a check. No big media news or anything. I’ve wanted to go back and see it! But the Fisher Houses on these bases are nice all over the states. Are you settled in and finding everything you need???

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    1. I am settled! In fact I’m in the FH at BAMC and I lived about 10-15 from BAMC for about 18 months a few years ago.

      The life of a professional patient in recovery is exhausting. This is my 6th weekend and it is the first I’ve been out of the hospital and with energy to get out and about.

      Our current prayer is for zero drama and all the healing so I can finally move forward. In God’s time. ~Kit

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  2. It’s been a while, glad I came back at the right time. Now I get to her about you flying away as a Pegasus horse can do. Watch for those low flying clouds and those pink flamingos. All my prays and wishes for energy and straight sailing. Aunt Joan🌹

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