Soulshine Glow

Misty, cold, morning

Even when hidden by clouds

Soulshine is glowing over

Beautiful vistas and scenes

Of my verdant spring

7 thoughts on “Soulshine Glow

  1. A Gleam Of Sunshine – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    I saw the branches of the trees
    Bend down thy touch to meet,
    The clover-blossoms in the grass
    Rise up to kiss thy feet,
    Though thoughts, deep-rooted in my heart,
    Like pine-trees dark and high,
    Subdue the light of noon, and breathe
    A low and ceaseless sigh;

    This memory brightens o’er the past,
    As when the sun, concealed
    Behind some cloud that near us hangs
    Shines on a distant field.

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