Introducing Chase, the Wonder Dog

20 thoughts on “Introducing Chase, the Wonder Dog”

      1. I never thought of that, I feel like I’m some sort of stalker now… 😎
        Now you say though, I do think she has a certain amount of sass about her.

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    1. Ben Hur… I definitely was pulling out moves I didn’t know I had while speeding around the end of one block… rather like the Circus Maximus. Huh. Gwen the Charioteer!!

      It makes me sad that people can have one bad experience with an animal and assume that all in that breed are awful but the same people would never think that having a bad experience with someone of a particular race, ethnicity, religion, or gender warranted condemning the rest with the offender.

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    1. If by a lot of snow you mean none, you’re completely correct. There was snow one day in October and a few flakes have fallen here and there but mostly it has been unseasonably warm and very snow free. This is the kind of winter I’d expect if I still lived in the southeast while they’ve had the weather we would expect here.

      I’m sorry a pitty almost killed your dog. There’s a pit next door that is aggressive and it’s because his owners refuse to give him the socialization, time, and attention needed to make him a good dog. It’s sad. I just hope he gets something before he hurts someone.

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  1. Oh! I am so happy to see that Chase is happily working! I believe a ‘working’ dog is a happy dog! In MPLS we are on an all-out assault on dog fighters. It is a fucking crime what these assholes are doing to our Pits. I want them dead. The dudes, not the dogs! MF’ers. Whew. I’m a tad bit upset over this fighting ring as you can tell. Go baby Chase! Love it! ~Kim

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    1. It makes me sick to know how people treat other human beings and how they treat animals. You can tell a lot about people knowing how they treat the weak or defenseless. It’s just one of the reasons I HATE my neighbors on one side. They are lazy and worthless human beings, the trashy kind. They got two puppies when they moved in 18 months ago: a pit mix and a boxer mix. Both breeds that are fiercely loyal and full of energy so they need lots of early socialization and lots of attention all the time. (Chase is 5 and he is still as full of energy as when he was a pup.) The dogs are never taken on walks but are left in the yard for hours with no attention and no one watching. They’re tearing down the fence one slat at a time and they don’t care. They’ve gotten into our yard and attacked animals and people. They don’t know that every other human and every other dog isn’t an a danger so they attack. It’s sad for them and for all the other pits and boxers they give a bad name to, but it is the humans fault.

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      1. Yes, it is and who pays??? The animal that depends on the worthless humans they end up with. Sick, sad, and laws need to be enacted to stop this!!! There are times I claim my own badge of justice and hand out some kick-ass ‘Come to Jesus’ justice! (I have but that is not a story for public consumption because I will deny my actions and plead the 5th.) Just removing and destroying the animals is sickening when these scum are allowed to do this again and again. Not on my watch. I am so glad Chase got a good mama!


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