No Sleep Gwen (NSG)

12 thoughts on “No Sleep Gwen (NSG)”

  1. You see, it’s not writer’s block. You’re doing just fine, except for the insomnia part. I’ve been pretty sleepless myself lately so I’m not the best person to give you advice. What might help is not staring at the screen before going to bed. Wishful thinking.
    This has been frustrating for moi too since I would also get to R.E.M. sleep in about I’d say less than 3 minutes. My sister used to really hate me…Alas, these happy days are no more.
    BTW, I believe neither of us could be called narcoleptic because of our super power to fall asleep anytime anyplace, like on a bench in a park in broad daylight. I had a friend (we lost touch) who would fall asleep in the middle of a very interesting conversation each and every time or at a very loud concert, always coming up with an excuse of how tired he was and never accepting the fact that he’s simply a narcoleptic. So, NO, we’re not the ones.
    So, what shall we do No Sleep Chatting Friend from the other side of the planet? Hm, crystal meth, you don’t say.

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    1. Actually, I really am type 2 narcoleptic. I always thought I was not sleeping well and had my thyroid checked many times trying to figure out why I was exhausted after a full night’s sleep. Then the doctor prescribed a med that causes cataplexy (random falling asleep) in narcoleptics that are not cataplectic. I fell asleep driving and my little hatchback went under an SUV that was stopped while I was still going about 50 MPH. A bunch of testing later they said I’m narcoleptic. Sometimes I notice it more than others and if it is really bad they can prescribe speed to keep me awake but I prefer not to be high all the time so I use a natural approach to it. It’s kind of the least of my medical worries so it’s become a punchline for jokes more than anything.

      I say we take over the world!

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  2. I get the reluctance to take amphetamines. I’ve been taking dextroamphetamine for almost a year now to help with my depression and I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised – it helps me function better but doesn’t leave me feeling wired or high or anything like that. I hope you’re able to come up with something that helps you!


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