Jeans and Heels

I’ve been in a saucy mood lately and it’s been visible in how I’m dressing and doing me.

Before the amputation I pretty much lived in dresses and leggings. Comfort… ease… comfort. Yeah, with all the health issues I was having it was all about trying to be comfortable since my body was definitely not comfortable. Since the amputation, I’ve lived in yoga pants. I can fold the leg in over the stump to make a stump-burrito, I can be comfortable not matter where and on what I am sitting, and my tush looks fantastic in them. (It’s true. It does. Just take my word for it.)

But lately I’ve had these urges…

I keep dreaming of wearing my favorite pair of blue jeans. I had these jeans something like 13 years ago and they fit me perfectly and looked sooooo yummy on me. I wore them until they fell apart at the seams… literally… and then they became my favorite over bikini cutoffs. *sigh*

When in my sleep I somehow remember that they are gone, I dream of other jeans: skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, my favorite soft old pair of Levi’s. I pulled out a pair of skinny jeans (that have been sitting on my shelf for years because they were too small but I loved too much to ditch) that I had cut the bottom off of so that they weren’t lumpy under knee high boots. If it weren’t for my stump being achy in the leg, I would sooo wear them. Yep. Jeans from 27 year old Gwen that suddenly magically fit again.

As if that isn’t enough, Wednesday I woke up with the distinct feeling that if I had to wear flats or sneakers or a wedge heel for one more day I would probably die from the dreadful dullness of sensibility and the utter lack of sass lent by fabulous shoes. So I went to the closet and decided that 4 inches was totally reasonable as a “first heels as an amputee” test run.

I passed that test by the way.

So today instead of just experimenting with the idea of jeans, I decided it was time to wear them, only I refuse to do the LT Dan knot at the bottom of the left leg, the fold and pin, or the tuck in. Know why?!

Because fuck looking like a janky, styleless, sassless amputee, that’s why.

Know what else?

Jeans still look amazing with a heel peeking out the bottom.

My foot may think the red shoes from today were more than it was interested in wearing for a long period of time, but if there’s one thing this ballerina knows it’s how to condition a foot to walk around on a pointe or demipointe for a long period of time.

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