The Old Broken House

25 thoughts on “The Old Broken House”

      1. Guilty again. (How do you do it?!) I get very frustrated when I feel like I *should* have words, especially when it’s the middle of the night and I’m doing nothing else to keep my mind occupied. Current plan of action is vetting followers on ye olde Kintsukuroi Life Instagram… so far I’ve found one fake account (this guy is white on FB and black on IG), a bunch of people who struggle with one or two of my dozen conditions, and someone who is in love with the idea of me.

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      2. That’s a good strategy. Following other people or simply reading, watching a movie. Inspiration is everywhere. It comes unannounced. I never know ahead what I’ll be writing about. I hear or read sth, I see sth and there it is. Besides, you don’t have to post that often. If it doesn’t dome, it doesn’t come. You can always resort to good old classics. Or painting.

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      3. 😬 I am completely neurotic as a writer. I track my writing to look for patterns so I can analyze why certain things happen… Do I always skip Thursdays or do I always find inspiration when I am at the doctor? Do I write better and more when I talk to so and so or when I don’t hear anything from them? Is there a pattern to what I post in the classics?!? Maybe that’s what I write about next… Neurotic and overly analytical habits that I use that somehow I manage to hobble myself with.

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      4. That’s a good one. I had a post-Do neurotics have a day off. I’m analyzing things too but I don’t go back to my earlier posts. Once it’s written, as Wulf and me agreed, it no longer belongs to me. Like a painting. Sold.
        Here’s a tip. I LOVE stream of consciousness. Tell us what goes in your mind. A list of unconnected or seemingly unconnected thoughts and opinions, random thoughts, what goes through you mind, what you like, what you see, what you ate today, what you need to do tomorrow, what bothers you, nostalgia, a quote, what a friend told you recently, a phone call, future, bits and pieces. It’s always very honest and can be fun.

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      5. Maybe I’ll start a new series called No Sleep Gwen where all I do is middle of the night stream of consciousness… if I can stop analyzing myself long enough in the moment to stop wondering “what this says about me” and just go with the flow…

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      6. I love Damn Girl/Insomnia Girl.

        Maybe she won’t mind sharing the no sleep world with other bloggers. I mean, hers are conversations between DG and VIT. Maybe you can do mamma up all night / baby wants to chat… and I can be really morbid and do the ghost of the foot that isn’t there and No Sleep Gwen.

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      7. I love how thoughtful you are with your posts, that you think and plan, that you delve into complexities.

        I sort of feel words and the come out and that’s it as I wait for the next eruption of coherent thoughts. Sometimes I feel like they’re accidentally so (a phrase I completely pilfered from a friend).

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      8. With me, it takes some time. I cannot simply sit down and write a post. My eruptions don’t erupt that abruptly. They are steadier, regular and continuous in frequency, or intensity. Today I write a paragraph, tomorrow a few sentences more….or less…

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      9. The thing is, we often talk about the same or similar issues but the perspective is different. So, why the hell not. It’s a good series.
        As I said, that was my idea too, but then since I think all the time, I thought it’d be better if I didn’t restrict myself on nights only.
        So, talked to us Sleepless Gwen.

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  1. Your painting is calming and lonely and charming. I love the idea of a tree intermingled in a warm old home. The two keeping one another company. The sky of pink against the green lawn is extremely calming.
    I do look forward to more of these. Even if they are studies of the same.
    Glad to be back. Joan🌹


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