The Old Broken House

Today I decided my soul needed to paint so I sat down on my office floor surrounding myself with water colors and started with what became sky. I didn’t know what I was to paint until I started and the words from my piece The Old Broken House with the Tree Growing Through It suddenly spring to mind. Up until today I’ve only ever painted wet on wet (rather bright and bold) with wide brushes, wet on dry (painting with patience where a piece is made layer by layer over some weeks), or silhouettes (high school was a long time ago!). This is the first architectural anything I’ve ever even attempted and I’m almost pleased with myself. (Almost.)

It was good for my soul. That is all that matters today.

25 thoughts on “The Old Broken House

  1. Your painting is calming and lonely and charming. I love the idea of a tree intermingled in a warm old home. The two keeping one another company. The sky of pink against the green lawn is extremely calming.
    I do look forward to more of these. Even if they are studies of the same.
    Glad to be back. Joan🌹


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