This is my word for 2018. I could regale you with stories and lengthy explanations of what I am seeking Freedom from but doing so will only serve to limit it to what I say. I don’t want limits on my power word, I want it expanded to its fullest degree.

I will say only that…

…I want Freedom from all that brings me sadness, pain, worry, or grief.

…I want Freedom from those things which destroy my health and happiness.

…I want Freedom to be me, to live simply, to find joy, to find my greatest good, and to live a life filled with hope and love.

…I want Freedom in the fullest sense of what William Wallace at the end of Braveheart was calling out for before they finally killed him.

…I will have it.

15 thoughts on “Freedom

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  1. Thankfully something that you don’t have to go out looking for, it’s already there. Joy, peace and laughs (and no snarky punchlines from me today… )

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