Words Upon Waking

30 thoughts on “Words Upon Waking”

      1. It is healing again and there’s no sign of infection (knock on wood) for the first time since June. The wound is so much smaller just from a few days ago! Hopefully this time it really does close up and I can move on.

        The pain is mostly nonexistent. It aches at night but nothing an aspirin won’t cure.

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      1. I think it is not on us to make others happy but for us to find it in ourselves and then share our happiness between the two. If one is determined to be happy and the other unhappy it cannot work while if both can be happy or unhappy together it can.

        You’re a poet with a deep soul. It will be an equally deep soul that will find in you the One she has been looking for and until then the rest of us are blessed by your depth.


      2. Those who cannot coexist with you are not your equal.

        I’m not autistic but I am so intelligent and in such ways that it is frequently beyond most whom I encounter. It is alienating, intimidating, and eerie. I see things more clearly, make connections that others cannot fathom, and analyze everything all the time. I speak truths to people that they think no one knows but for me to see is as simple as looking at the sky and declaring it blue. I cannot coexist easily in society. I find socializing difficult and am able to act the extrovert only through practice and studied application of kinesthesiology and psychology.

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      3. It’s all processing. It is so hard for a neurotypical to understand how an atypical processes their environment. There is just a built in separation of understanding, and most neurotypicals do not have the patience nor the skillset to even try, let alone adjust their expectations to be able to have a sustained relationship with an atypical.

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