Reblog: “New Year’s Eve Ritual”

8 thoughts on “Reblog: “New Year’s Eve Ritual””

    1. Smartass… 🤣

      I have a stupidly long list that I’ve shared with those who will call me on my bullshit but everyone doesn’t need that list. However, I will share a few with you now…

      I (a one legged 7.5 month old amputee) will…

      …wear that red bikini again

      …and those dangerously sexy heels

      …dance at every opportunity

      …walk in the rain

      …and let the “poor you” words, actions, and attitudes of others go, not even answering with snarky remarks, because they aren’t worth the wrinkles!

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      1. I know you will do all of those and wish you many other unexpected joys ahead too. Mine will be reading your take on them and still seeing your likes and comments on my nonsense. 😊

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      2. Wait. Wait, wait, wait!

        What a stupid American I am.

        Happy New Year, Bryntin!!!

        I do love your nonsense! When it doesn’t show in the feed I have to look you up to binge on the nonsense and wit. (It’s true!)

        What has Barrington Higginbottom been up to this New Year’s Eve and what will he get into this New Year’s Day?

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  1. Who knows, possibly he’ll be getting the wrong end of some stick or other, perhaps Sir Norman Fosdick-Chewlightly could explain it to him diplomatically.
    You are far from being a stupid American, current ‘highest ranking’ American being only one example of a lot more stupid ones.
    Thank you and very best wishes to you too. ☺

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    1. Yay! I’m not a stupid American!

      I do kind of have a crush on Sr N Fosdick-Chewlightly… I have to admit. I imagine him to be somewhere over middle aged, with a portly belly, wearing a 3 piece suit with the jacket open and the buttons pulling across his rotund self, white fluffy hair that never seems to be in control, and spectacular jowls with a prominent double (or is it triple) chin who sort of shuffles along, slightly hunched over wearing a permanent frown with a protruding lower lip.

      Thank you!

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