The Sound of My Day: “We Live”

When I was very maybe 3 years old I remember my older brother being a part of a performance at church where they sang a song the message from which struck me then to the degree that the chorus still floats around in my noggin at times called “Input Output” (by Gary McSpadden and Kathie Hill):

Input output what goes
In is what comes out
Input output that is what
It’s all about
Input output your mind is a computer
Whose input output
Daily you must choose

I realize these aren’t the most eloquent lyrics but the message is one that was clearly accessible to me as a child and I think is accessible to adults as well if there is a choice to hear it that goes back to what I was writing about at the end of Resilience:

What you choose to put into your cup is what will spill out.

If I were one to recklessly destroy things I would drop my proverbial mic right now.

Regardless of what life has thrown at me, I have always chosen to fill myself with that which is inspiring, positive, worthwhile, and life-bringing. It doesn’t mean that when something happens that brings grief or sadness that I ignore those emotions or refuse to acknowledge them; on the contrary, I’ll put together a playlist of songs that speak to the grief and sorrow, so I can deal with them and accept them as the rain that will fuel my growth as a human being and my later blossoming, intermingled with songs that speak life to my soul. However, once the grieving is over ~ I always know when I’m getting past the grief because I start skipping all the songs that speak to it ~ the playlist is edited to include only those life giving songs that speak life to my soul.


That’s my big secret to (mostly) keeping a smile on my face regardless of the state of my life so even when I’m not free of cares I am still carefree.

I’ve been sharing my songs with friends lately and I felt like perhaps it is time to share them here. Perhaps you will find some inspiration in them as well.

Welcome to my new series sharing songs: The Sound of My Day. Feel free to message me if there is a song you think I should feature or listen to; I would be delighted to feature guest bloggers here.

“We Live”

Superchick, Beauty from Pain, 2005

Songwriters: Justin Greaves, Justin Oborn, Robert Alissa

I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it and I’ve played it for years for children who are experiencing grief or struggle as well as playing it frequently to myself. The powerful message contained here is for all of us and gets back to the idea that we choose how we respond to the troubles we face in our lives. It’s one that is in every “feel good” playlist I have and one that after more than a decade still doesn’t get skipped. It’s power resonates on my darkest days as it reminds me to choose love, choose forgiveness, and choose to never give up no matter how difficult the situation is.

I hope you enjoy!

There’s a cross on the side of the road
Where a mother lost a son
How could she know that the morning he left
Would be their last time she’d trade with him for a little more time
So she could say she loved him one last time
And hold him tight
But with life we never know
When we’re coming up to the end of the road
So what do we do then
With tragedy around the bend?
We live we love
We forgive and never give up
’cause the days we are given are gifts from above
Today we remember to live and to love
We live we love
We forgive and never give up
’cause the days we are given are gifts from above
Today we remember to live and to love
There is a man who waits for the tests
To see if the cancer has spread yet
And now he asks, “So why did I wait to live till it was time to die?”
If I could have the time back how I’d live
Life is such a gift
So how does the story end?
Well this is your story and it all depends
So don’t let it become true
Get out and do what we are meant to do
Waking up to another dark morning
People are mourning
The weather in life outside is storming
But what would it take for the clouds to break
For us to realize each day is a gift somehow, someway
So get our heads up out of the darkness
And spark this new mindset and start to live life ’cause it ain’t gone yet
And tragedy is a reminder to take off the blinders
And wake up and live the life we’re supposed to take up
Moving forward with all our heads up ’cause life is worth living

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