Silence, both most loved
And most dreaded of all things;
Speak up, please, but silently;
Give me what I need to hear,
I’ll rest in quiet.


Tanka poetry is similar to haiku (5-7-5) except that it is longer (5-7-7-7-5).

I find being limited syllabically forces my oft too verbose self to focus on which words and emotions are the most precise and relevant.

8 thoughts on “Silence

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  1. You think YOU are too verbose? I’m like the rambling wordster compared to you.

    This is so well done. I think I have read it 10 times now. It is so true an so beautifully written using that tanka style.

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    1. Perhaps it’s an insecurity borne from being too analytical about things that should not be analyzed: I know someone who says very powerful things that make me laugh or smile or think using few words while everything I have to say I feel uses just so many!

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    1. I feel like I have a love / hate relationship with silence. Most of the time I think there is too much noise (literal and figurative) in my world, but sometimes the silence in one area or another makes me feel like Atlas bearing the weight of it.

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