Flyin’ Solo

8 thoughts on “Flyin’ Solo”

  1. Might just be me, but I still found shards of your humor in there.

    I must say that I, too, look for those who think it ok to park in this spots with not plate or placard. It it just wrong. I think you need to put some Ben Hur chariot spikes on your chair. That’ll serve ‘em.

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  2. I often wonder if people want to stop us and give us crap for using a placard and parking in a handicap spot. My husband uses oxygen but he can just make it into a restaurant without. He doesn’t look like he needs it. I know better. He can barely get any oxygen. I know that it will happen and when it does, I am afraid I am going to jump down their necks.
    Use your sass and make these people stop and think about how unconciderate they are. They don’t understand. They also don’t know how to give to others who may be in need. The world is only about them. I can only pity the world they are putting us in.
    Thank you! Anger may not be the answer but it sure makes you feel better sometimes. Think of what your husband would have done next to you. He would have been fun to watch.🌹❤️


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