The old broken house with the tree growing through it

(Capel Manor Gardens, Enfield, England; photo credit: Christine Matthews)

The old broken house

With the tree growing through it

Had an old oak wood floor

And a roof with a split

That let in the moonlight,

The sunlight, and starshine,

That perfectly highlighted

A tree and it’s outline.

The windows were shattered,

The curtains hung torn

Giving the sense that

The house was in mourning

For times filled with love,

With warmth and with pleasure

When life filled the home

With hope without measure.

Hope for a future,

For freedom, for dreams,

Before the old home

Came apart at the seams,

Before the laughter died out

And the stairways all crumbled,

And the heart-kitchen’s tranquility

Lay in ruins and jumbled

No light penetrating the

Once golden stained glass

Framed throughout the home

By once shiny fit-brass.


Despite the destruction,

The chaos all sooty

Grows a single, tall tree,

A true thing of beauty.

Graceful and elegant

Its long limbs reach forth

Searching for sunbeams,

For water, and warmth.

Ignoring the rot,

The tree reaches upward

Finding new strongholds

In what time has ruptured.

Budding and blossoming,

A soft rebel’s action,

With verdant greens and sweet pinks

Embodying attraction,

New life springing forth

Alluring, beguiling,

With one broken limb

(One can’t help but smiling,

For how could we expect

The tree would escape

Such a terrible nursery

Without even a scrape)

The hearth cold and bare

Does not offend it

Such strength and such charm

How to comprehend it?

How do we explain

When life comes from death?

When beauty from ashes

Makes us catch our breath?


That tree growing through

That old broken house

Found the most unlikely

New-life-giving greenhouse

. . .

Thank you, Bojana, for the quote. It is a nice tree, isn’t it? Maybe tomorrow night we will hear about the shade and the apples.

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