Picture Perfect

17 thoughts on “Picture Perfect”

  1. I was just getting ready to go to bed when I saw your new post. I just couldn’t wait for tomorrow.
    This was such a beautiful journey. Thank you, I really enjoyed it. I often think about those times of funny old cameras and genuine smiles. And I miss them. Not because I’m older now (and wish I could be young again) but because the world keeps changing for the worse and I don’t like what I see.

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    1. You honor me. 🙏🏻 Thank you.

      I feel the same way. People are losing touch with what it is to be human and to genuinely connect with one another; it’s pervasive enough to weed its way into all generations as well.

      Makes me miss Mayberry.


  2. ……. to be in Mayberry again, ah.
    A cup of sugar to be repaid by a cup of tea and a morning of chatting.
    Gotta be yourself if you want to be a wife or parent or friend.

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    1. Mmmm. Sittin’ on the porch. Everyone: knows everyone, watches everyone’s kids and gives correction when needed, adults were adult, children were disciplined and respectful, people said hello… so much to miss!

      I have a tribe of women here who still are the cup of sugar for a cup of tea kind of women… and I love them!

      And being yourself? So true and yet so easily forgotten, I’m afraid! We are more than the sum of our accomplishments.

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  3. “First, there is the “I’m completely obsessed with myself so I’m posting at least one new selfie every single day” picture. The completely obsessed selfies are posted by those always looking for compliments and likes whether they are “me with my coffee” or “me with my prettily plated salad” or “me with my dog” or “me in my car” or “me with duck face” or “me with a peace sign”… me, me, me” : Yeah……. human frailties. Nice post.

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  4. Hmm. I guess this means I need to start questioning why I am online at all….

    “Funnily enough, on the complete opposite of the spectrum from both those is the “logo or gif instead of a person” picture. These people either self identify so much within a group or brand that they have to use that logo for their face or they seek anonymity on social media (which is so counter productive and silly) to the degree that they won’t have a picture of themselves. If the former, I wonder if they actually know who they are without that logo and if the latter I wonder why they’re online at all.”

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    1. Haha! I wasn’t thinking about Blog logos that are part of the personal brand of the writer in the place the writer writes so much as the Yankees fan who doesn’t exist without their logo or the gif that “looks like me” so I’m there but not photo.

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  5. Glad you’re excluding blog logo profile pictures,although I have no idea what a hanging upside down monochromatic graphic – mostly made of a picture of my hat and some of me – may be ‘saying’. I hope it’s just ‘he looks odd’ .

    Anyway, just as an aside, I used to work for Minolta here in the UK. After 17 years in photo retail I became an Area Manager for them for 5 years. They ended up first merging with Konica and then selling up to Sony. They too liked the traditional way of photography and didn’t hook into the change to digital quick enough.

    There, that was interesting wasn’t it?

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    1. On the blog logo:

      I feel like the blog logo profile picture is more of a personal branding, professional starving artist logo type of a thing than the average social media account profile picture.

      We cannot be held to the same standard in these photos unless we hold big business to the same standard for putting their logo on their brand too. That would be silly. So we can use whatever we want because we are professional starving artists just trying to make the world a better place with our snark and wisdom.

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      1. I feel like I’m traveling vicariously looking at your photos. Someday a crazy American woman may show up on your doorstep demanding to be taken to see all the pretty things… Fair warning. (Probably unlikely since we aren’t sure I’ll ever be able to fly again but maybe I can stow away on the BQE.) Here the history doesn’t go back as far so it’s all gold rush, ghost towns, and cowboys (which to me are such old and overdone news that I don’t bother looking anymore).

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  6. I took a photography class once, we had to make our own pinhole cameras. We had to mix the solutions and develop the picture ourselves. Then we used film cameras, we were not allowed to take photos of our kids, pets, or any other ‘you have to say that’s cute’ animal or baby. I learned so much. I have one set of nieces and nephews that use every opportunity as a photo op for social media! Yep, I’m drinking a cup of coffee… whoopee. And the other side who forgets to take photos that I ask them to take of their adventures so I can share the experiences with them. It is so odd… what does my profile picture say about me? I’m not sure, black and white mainly… I do try to update my shots so people can “trust” that I’m real and ordinary and human… very enticing post Kit, much thought, and much reflection to mesh into something as random as a selfie! Excellent.~Kim

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